Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Blue Spring Tag and Layout Tag

This beautiful scrap kit is called Blue Willow and is designed by Tootypup. You can get her scrap kit

Tube used by Zlata M. You can get it

New image and use element frame 2 edit copy and paste as a new layer on your new image. Use your selection key rectangle and drawn a square around your frame. Choose a paper of choice invert and delete. Move under frame.

Move your tube to the lower left hand side of the frame.

Use blue willow deco 5 upper left hand corner. Duplicate image flip and image mirror.

Flower cluster 02 lower left hand side and behind frame. Duplicate it image flip and then image mirror.

Willow tree 02 lower right hand side of frame.

Pot 02 lower left hand side.

Brella 01 lower right side and next to your tube but slightly behind it.

Flamingo 03 in the middle of your frame.

Tree deco 02 upper left hand side of frame and just behind tube.

Bow 02 and lantern 01 upper right hand side of frame. Move the lantern underneath your bow.

Add name and copy right information.

Tag layout 

Tag layout 1 select inside the frame and choose a paper of choice. Invert and delete. Move under frame. I used a tube with a close up. Now add name and copy right information.


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