Thursday, October 3, 2013

This is a really cute Halloween kit called Trix N Treatz and is designed by Kissed by Kelz. Great for those Halloween taggies. You can get the scrap kit

Tube used by artist Elias Chatzdouis. You can get it

New image and use element frame edit copy and paste as a new layer on your new image select inside the frame with magic wand selections modify and expand by 5 choose a paper of choice invert and delete move under frame.

Move your tube to the left hand side of the frame.

Add the fence and move it behind your tube. 

Next add the creepy tree place it behind the fence on the right hand side.

Use the candy cane and hang in the upper right hand corner of the frame erase some of it like it's hanging from it. Add the bow on the candy cane but make sure it's behind the tree.

Goofy pumpkin lower left hand side and next to your tube.

Add the witchy jacko next to the goofy pumpkin.

Sign i placed mine behind the fence.

Sparkle stars send to the bottom but move them up to were you can see them on the frame. Duplicate image flip. Arrange to your liking.

Ghost cake move just behind the witchy jacko.

Use the treats and candy corn and place in front arrange to your liking.

Swirly 2 upper left hand side and place behind your tube duplicate and image flip.

Take the bat and place in the upper part of your frame. 

Add the crow in the tree.

Use the moon and fog. Moon goes in the upper left hand side behind tube and the fog i placed in side the frame. See tag above.

Now add the dot scatter to the top part of your frame duplicate image mirror.

You can now add your name and copy right information.


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