Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Chucky Camp

2nd new scrap kit made with Kissed by Kelz scrap kit Camp Crystal lake. You can get it

Tube used by artist Kiwifirestorm. You can get these bonus tubes from

Choose a paper of choice. Now use the blood drip frame and it goes in the middle of the paper. Select inside the middle and take your tube of choice paste as a new layer invert and delete move under frame.

Jason's cabin left hand side. Use the back pack and lean it against the cabin.

Fence duplicated 3 times and merge it together and place it on the right side next to the cabin.

Moon upper left hand corner.

Bloody blade i placed on top of the cabin.

Bloody tee i hung it on the fence. And add the butcher knife on the fence. 

Use any other elements you wish.

Add name and copy right information.


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