Sunday, September 22, 2013
Camp Lake

A fun gory scrap kit designed by Kissed by Kelz called Camp Crystal Lake. You can get the scrap kit

Tube used by artist Kiwifirestorm. You can get them 

Choose a paper of choice and use element frame place in the upper left hand corner of the frame. Select inside the middle and place your tube in the middle of the frame invert and delete. Move the tube under the frame.

Now use the tent in the lower right hand corner. Add the bloody hand print on the tent and then use the blood puddle.

Tree move it behind the tent and use the lantern. I hung it on the tree. 

Use the cooler arrange around the tent and tree.

Bronco lower left hand side.

Use the moon upper right side.

Last pick out the word art and place it on the circle of the frame. I gave mine a small gradient glow. 

Now add your name and copy right information.


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