Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A stunning and dark PTU kit designed by Devilish Dezines. This kit goes great with those dark and Halloween tubes.

Kit is available at this store.


Tube artist used Laguna Art. You can find her work.


Mask of choice. I am using one from Whisper in the Wind.

Let's begin.

New image 700 by 650 and open frame 3 edit copy and paste as a new layer on your new image. 

Use your magic wand and select inside the middle of both frames.

Open paper 1 and paste it into your selections. Move it under your frame. 

Place paper 5 behind your frame. Go to layers new mask from image and merge together your mask.

Move your tube to the right hand side.

Element 17 lower left hand side and move it just behind your tube.

Doll element 33 arrange it just behind element 17.

Darkness element 41 arrange it above the doll head. I gave mine a small gradient glow. (optional).

Last use element 21 and place it under your tube. 

Layers merge visible.

Add your name and copy right information.


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