Wednesday, August 2, 2017
Sea Shell Coral

New PTU kit called Sea Shell Coral designed by Devilish Dezines. 

This kit is available here.


Tube artist used Very Many. You can get her work here.

Very Many

Plugs in used:

Foto Frame (optional)
Gradient Glow (optional)

Let's Begin.

New image 850 by 351 selections select all and choose paper 2 paste it into your selections. Selections none.

Place your tube on the right hand side.

Castle element 30 right hand side move it behind your tube.

Element 21 lower right and move it also behind your tube.

Coral element 4 arrange it next to element 21 lower right move it slightly to the middle.

Elements 23 and 31 arrange left side and behind your tube. 

Octopus element 20 place this element in between elements 23 and 31. 

Element 3 lower left side of your timeline.

Element 1 left side move it just a little. Image rotate it 20.00 to the left.

Element 2 place this behind element 3.

Element 27 arrange it behind your tube and move it slightly towards the middle.

Element 8 arrange down towards element 3 and move it just a little towards the middle.

Last use fish element 6 image mirror and place it upper right side next to your tube.

Layers merge visible. 

Now would be the time to use your foto frame. Play around with your settings. 

Now add your copy right information. And add your name. 


180 by 180 selections select all and use the same background paper. 

Place your tube in the middle. 

Add the castle element behind your tube. 

Layers merge visible. Add the foto frame plug in.

Now add your copy right information and your name.


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