Thursday, March 30, 2017

A dark and pretty kit called Hollowie designed by Devilish Dezines. It's made to match Selisan AlGaib tube Hollowie.

This kit goes great with any of those dark tubes.

Kit and tube are here.


Tube artist used Martin Abel. His work is available here.


Mask of choice.

Let's Begin.

New image 700 by 650 and open element frame 2. Edit copy and paste as a new layer your new image.

Use your magic wand and select inside the middle of your frame. Open paper 6 and paste it into your selections. Selections none. Move it under your frame. 

Place your tube on the left side of your frame.

Open paper 4 and arrange it behind your frame. Go to layers new mask from image and merge together your mask and paper.

Element 3 move it just to the right side of your tube and frame.

Spider element 22 move to the right side and up to the middle. Use tree element 30 image mirror and move it just behind your spider web.

Element 13 lower right hand side.

Element 26 lower right and move it next to element 13.

Book element 20 lower left hand side and next to your tube.

Element 25 lower left and next to the book element. 

Flower element 46 place it between element 25 and element 26.

Butterfly element 40 place it in the middle of your spider web. Image rotate it 25.00 to the left.

Last use element 47 image rotate it 90 to the right all layers checked. And place it in the upper right side of your frame. And move it just behind your tube.

Layers merge visible.

Add your name and copy right information.


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