Sunday, December 20, 2015
Black and white Timeline

Love this beautiful kit called Black and White Dress designed by Fw Tag's. It's made to match Andy Cooper's tube Black and white.

Kit and tube can be bought at 

Scraps n Company 

New image 850 by 351 selections select all and choose paper 1 paste it into your selections. Selections none.

Move your tube to the right hand side of your timeline.

Balloons element 46 right side of and place it just behind your tube. 

Element 63 move to the middle of your timeline and next to your tube. But move it just behind your tube.

Ball element 23 lower right hand side and place just behind your tube.

Ticket element 21 lower right image rotate it 25.00 to the right and next to your tube.

Limo element 20 lower left hand side of your timeline.

Bottle element 15 middle and next to the ball and ticket elements.

Open the dog element 52 lower left and place next to the limo. 

Last use element 27 left side of your timeline. I gave mine a gradient glow of white. 

Layers merge visible.

Now add your name and copy right information.

New image 180 by 180 selections select all choose the same paper for the back ground as the timeline. Selections none.

Place your tube in the middle. I used the plug in xero and porcelein. Optional. Use favorite settings.

Add your copy right and your name.

Layers merge all flatten.


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