Wednesday, April 8, 2015
Emo Cute Time line Set

Adorable scrap kit called Emo Cute designed by Kissed by Kelz. Made to match Danny Lee's tube. You can get the kit and tube at 

Scraps N Company

New image 850 by 351 selections select all and choose paper 23 paste it into your selections. Selections none. 

Move your tube to the right hand side. 

Element 43 move to the left hand side of your timeline. Duplicate image mirror and merge them together.

Elements 36 and 112 arrange them all around your timeline.

Lights element 64 move to the upper top part of your frame. Duplicate image mirror.

Speaker element 47 lower left hand side. Duplicate image mirror and move them close together. 

Bear element 86 image mirror lower left side next to your speakers. Also add bear element 104 next to element 86.

Candy element 128 lower right hand side and next to your tube.

Cd element 42 lower left and place it just behind the bears.

Last use element 8 and place it on top of your speakers. 

Layers merge visible. Image add borders 5 color white. Use your magic wand and select your border. Choose paper 19 and paste it into your selections. Selections none.

Now add your name and copy right information.

New image 200 by 200 and use the same paper background as you did for your timeline. 

Place your tube on the left side. 

Add bear element 86 image mirror and place on the lower right hand side.

Last use elements 36 and 112 arrange them behind your tube. 

Layers merge visible and do the same with your border on your avatar that you did on your timeline.

Now add your name and copy right information.


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