Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Citrus Spring

Just love this beautiful scrap kit called Citrus Spring designed by Fw Tag's. You can get it at 

Scraps N Company


Berry Applicious

Tube used by artist Zlata M. You can get her work at 



Zlata M Store

Mask of choice.

New image 700 by 650 and open element frame 5 edit copy and paste as a new layer on your new image. Select inside the middle with your magic wand in all four squares. Choose paper 6 paste it into your selections. Selections none. Move it under your frame. 

Now use paper 4 and place it behind your frame. Go to layers new mask from image and merge together your mask and paper.

Tree element 65 left hand side of your frame.

Element 70 lower left hand side. 

Place your tube towards the middle of your frame. 

Grass element 58 image mirror and arrange it in front of your tube and your frame.

Bunny element 15 lower left and next to your tube.

Orange element 17 also place lower left and move it slightly behind your tube.

Element 62 image mirror and arrange down on the lower right hand side.

Flower element 3 also place lower right side and in front of the grass element 62.

Element 13 place the chick next to flower 3.

Shoes element 51 lower right and in front of  element 3.

Flower element 47 lower left and next to the rabbit.

Rabbit element 16 lower right hand side and place next to the flowers.

Last use element 75 image rotate it 90 all layers checked to the left. Move to the upper right hand corner. Duplicate image flip and merge those two together. 

Add your name and copy right information.


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