Saturday, June 14, 2014
Day Dream on the Beach

2nd tag made with Fw Tag's beautiful scrap kit Day Dreamer Beach. You can get this kit at Berry Applicious


Sensibility Scrapping

Tube used by artist Zlata M. You can get her wonderful work

Open paper 3 and move your tube to the lower left hand side.

Palm tree element 45 image mirror lower left and move behind your tube.

Umbrella element 18 lower left and place it right next to your tube.

Element 63 image mirror and place it in the water.

Cloud element 2 place in the upper left hand duplicate image mirror.

Sign element 1 lower right hand side and open bird element 40 place him on the sign.

Bird element 22 lower left and place it near the umbrella.

Love element 9 lower right and arrange it in front of your sign.

Elements 66, 6 and 53 move them lower left and arrange them around the front of your tube.

Last use element 17 and place it somewhere in the water.

Add your name and copy right information.


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