Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Ladies Day

Beautiful and stunning kit Devilish Dezines newest Ladies Day. You can get her wonderful work

Tube used by artist Very Many. You can get his work

Template 47 you can download on my 4Shared

Open template and delete the credits layer. Go threw all the rest of your layer's and add your paper's. 

Move your tube to the left hand side.

Element 2 upper left hand corner. 

Use tree element 22 left side and move behind your tube.

Grass element 17 place it under neath of your tube.

Heart element 16 arrange in the top middle part of your temp.

Grass 12 element move lower left and next to your tube.  Also open flower element 23 arrange it next to the grass. 

Duck element 7 lower right side and behind your tube. Also use the little bird element 41 image mirror and place next to the ducks.

Last element open flower 18 move to the upper right hand corner of your template.

Now add your name and copy right information.


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