Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Rock On

A great rock scrap kit designed by kissed by Kelz called Rock Your Socks off. You can get her wonderful kit's 

Tube used by artist Ismael Rac. You can get his wonderful work

Template 40 you can download on my 4Shared

Open template and delete the credits layer. Go threw the other layers and add your papers. 

On the bottom layer select all selections float, defloat select selections modify select selections border 5 and outside checked. Flood fill red.

Move your tube over to the right hand side. 

Element 14 move to the upper right hand side and place on the bottom template. Duplicate image flip.

Speaker element 23 move to the lower left hand side image mirror.

Element 84 lower left and place next to the speaker.

Jacket element 23 arrange in the middle next to your tube.

Lips and lipstick elements place the lips left hand side and rotate 25.00 to the left. Place the lipstick on top of your speaker.

Element 68 image rotate it 90.00 to the left all layers checked.

Add your name and copy right information.


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