Friday, November 15, 2013
Very Naughty and Nice

A very beautiful scrap kit designed by Kissed by Kelz. It's called Naughty and Nice. You can get the scrap kit at Scrap Candy.

Template from Millie's Psp Madness. You can download it from her blog

Tube used by artist Di_Halim. You can get it

Open the template and re size it to what you like. Now go threw all the layers and add the papers of your choice. After that i went threw and did a selections select all and then on one of the layers i did selections select all modify selections border. Outside checked and 4 and anti atlas check. Flood fill with a color of choice. Go threw and do that to all the layer's.

After that's done now take your tube and move it in the middle and behind the square in front. Select that square selections select all and paste a copy of it into the square. See tag above.

Flowers 2 upper left hand side behind template. Duplicate image flip and then image mirror.

Open the santa and angel statue and arrange them in the lower left hand side.

Add the candy cane also in the left hand corner. 

Cloud 2 upper right hand side and move it behind your template. Duplicate image flip and image mirror. 

Use the flames and the black cat in the lower right hand side of the template.

Black snowflakes arrange them behind the template.

Flower 2 upper right hand and move it on top of the cloud.

Use the word art Angel and Devil. I put the angel in the upper left hand side. And then the Devil down in the lower right side. Rotate them.

Last use the Christmas word art and move it lower middle and on your template.

Add your name and copy right information.


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