Sunday, November 24, 2013
Night Mare Before

A stunning scrap kit designed by Stina. It has 86 elements and 14 papers. It's called Night Mare Before Christmas. You can get it

Tube was made for me Personal Commissioned by Arthur Crowe. You can find his awesome work

Poser tube used by Medievil Creations. It's one of the posers that come with the scrap kit.

Plug in used MuRa's Copies.

New image and open element frame 01 edit copy and paste as a new layer on your new image. Magic wand select inside the middle of the frame selections modify and expand by 5. Choose a paper of choice and invert and delete.

Move your tube to the middle of your frame.

Garland 01 lower bottom just on top of your tube. And open element lights 01. Merge together garland and lights. Then duplicate 3 more times and arrange them around the star.

Open pointsetta 03 and use the MuRa's copies and play with the settings you like. Arrange it behind your frame. I did use deform just a bit to stretch it out.

Holly 02 upper left hand side of frame and open element stocking 02 move also upper left and next to the holly.

Pointsetta's 2 and 5 arrange down in the lower left hand side of the frame.

Tree 01 right hand side of frame and move under your tube. 

Ornaments 2 and 3 arrange around the tree. Add gift 03 around the tree to.

Santa skull 02 hang at the top of your tree. I erased a little bit of the circle like it's hanging from the top.

Last i used Sally 5 image mirror and move her down in the lower right hand side. 

Now add your name and copy right information.


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