Tuesday, November 5, 2013
Crazy Wild

A fun Halloween scrap kit called Crazy Wild. This kit has lot's of fun color's and matches Ismael Rac's new Halloween tube Crazy Wild. You can get the kit and tube

Template i used from Millie's Temp #405. You can download it from her blog

Re size your temp and delete the credit's layer. Now go threw all the layer's and add your paper's from the kit that you like.

Take your tube and place her in the middle of your temp. I erased bit's of mine that were hanging over.

Sparkle star's upper left and duplicate merge together. Then duplicate image flip.

Use the elements apple, devil cake and pumpkin. Arrange them down in the lower left hand corner of the temp next to your tube.

Wreath upper right hand side and use the crow.

Add the lips in the lower right and next to the the lips use bdude.

Open the lights element image rotate it 90.00 to the left and move it to the left hand side.

Now add your name and copy right information.


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