Friday, July 26, 2013
Strawberry Lovin

Love this kit. It's an exclusive to one of Arthur Crowe's new tube Strawberry Daquiri. You can get the tube and kit 

Choose a paper of choice i choose paper 5. Now use element frame 2 magic wand and select inside choose another paper of choice invert and delete move under frame.

Take your tube move under frame duplicate and bring the other one to the top. Erase the bits hanging over the tube.

Cup cake move to the right side of the frame. 

Daquiri it goes behind the cup cake. 

Now add the jello shot. 

Strawberry cluster lower left side of frame duplicate it image flip then duplicate it one more time. Arrange to your liking.

Use element chocolate strawberry move to the top in between the strawberry cluster duplicate it and move it below in the middle.

Use the sparkles and arrange how you would like them.

Name and copy right information.


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