Friday, July 12, 2013

This kit is an awesome kit. It is designed by Kissed by Kelz and can be gotten

Tube used by artist Zindy Nielsen. You can get it

New image and use element frame the one with the blood dripping down edit paste as a new layer choose paper of choice put in the middle invert and delete. Move under frame. Now add your tube move it under the frame. Duplicate your frame and bring it to the top move it to the lower right hand side of the frame. 

Mask of choice i am using mask WSL 181 paper of choice and layers new mask from image and merge together your mask and paper. 

Bleeding heart element move to the left side of the frame and then add corset to lower left image rotate 25.00.

Use the candles and place them lower left hand side also.

Lips 2 image rotate 25.00 to the left upper left hand corner. 

Drink element lower right hand and also use the skull flower lower right hand corner.

Add the moon upper right just under tube. 

Last i flood filled my back ground black. That's up to you. 

Name and copy right information.


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