Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rad Robyne

This is a cool scrap kit. It's Rad Robyne designed by Kissed by Kelz. You can get it

Tube used by artist CelineArt you can get it

Image new 700 by 700 transparent use frame 1 paste as a new layer use magic wand and select inside the middle choose paper of choice invert and delete move under frame.

Put your tube in the middle i gave mine a xero porcelain (you don't have to do this step) then adjust sharpen.

Now use the speakers and place in front of your tube.

Funky flower purple put on the left hand side underneath your tube.

cc card under flower image rotate 25.00

lips sofa put in front of the speakers.

Disco ball upper right hand side of frame.

blank tape next to your tube just underneath and an image of 25.00 to the right.

lava lamp in front of speakers.

On top of the speakers put the mascara and lipstick.

Heart sunglasses image rotate 25.00 to right and lay them on the lava lamp.

Bubbles 2 behind your frame duplicate image flip then image mirror keep on top of your frame.

Last add the word art take a chill pill.

Add your name and copy right information.


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