Sunday, June 23, 2013
Blue Eyed Girl

I love this beautiful kit. It's called Blue Eyed Girl designed by Amy Marie. You can get it

Tube used by artist VeryMany. You can get it

New image 650 by 650 transparent and open frame 26 magic wand select inside middle paper of choice invert and delete move under frame. 

Take your tube of choice i used a sitting tube and place in the middle.

Now here's where the fun begins. 

Element 38 open and move to the right side of the frame. Use element 63 give a small gradient glow of white and place on top of element 38 arrange to your liking. 

Now use element 61 and move to the right side of the frame. 

Use elements 103, 7 and 3 place them behind your tube and arrange to your liking.

Element 43 place on the top part of your frame duplicate it image mirror and add element 45 in the middle.

Element 51 move to the left side of your frame place behind your tube duplicate image flip then merge those two together. 

Elements 27 move to the left and on top of element 51 duplicate image flip and merge those two together. 

Open these elements 40, 30 and 10 arrange to your liking on the left side of the frame. 

Last open element 79 place behind frame duplicate image flip.

Add your name and copy right information.


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