Sunday, June 9, 2013
Black and White

This adorable kit is called Dark Easter and is designed by Kissed by Kelz. You can get it

No tube used.

New image of 700 by 700 white and open flower frame. Select inside the frame and choose a paper of choice invert and delete move under frame.

Choose any of the bunnies you want but i did choose the bunny and egg. Add the grass and duplicate image mirror. 

Pin and skull flower place the pin on the right side and the skull flower on top of the pin.

Add the cupcake lollipop, flowers and egg basket. Arrange to your liking. 

Add the egg n flower, chick and lop eared bunny in front of the bunny tube and arrange to your liking. 

Glow sparkle place on left side then duplicate image mirror

Easter treats use your deform key and rotate it since it's going to go on the top part of your frame. Duplicate image mirror then move them together. 

Add flower and butterfly. 

Use the hanging flowers and place on the left move it under your tube. 

Add your name and copy right information. 


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