Tuesday, May 28, 2013
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This cute little kit is designed by TammyKat designs called Click. You can get it

Tube used by Keith Garvey. You can get it 

New image 650 by 650 transparent. Open frame 2 re size. Edit copy and paste as a new layer on your transparent image. Select inside the middle with your magic wand. Choose paper of choice invert and delete. Move under frame. 

Now take your tube of choice and place in the middle. Duplicate it on bottom adjust blur guassian blur 3.00 and on the top change the blend mode to overlay. Merge down.

Element 1 re size and place on the right hand side. Image rotate 25.00 to the left. 

Element word art 4 re size and place on part of the tube that you'd like.

Open flowers 2 and 2 a re size both and place on the left hand side. Arrange to liking. 

Element 6 re size and place under neath the frame. Duplicate image mirror then image flip.

Element 20 re size and place on the right hand side. 

Bow 8 re size and place behind the tube on top part of frame. 

Last element 4 re size it and place behind the frame on the right hand side. Duplicate it image flip then image mirror on the left hand side arrange it around to how you want it.

Add your copy right information. And your name. I gave a gradient glow to my name. It's up to you if want to do that. 


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