Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Hoppity Brainz

A fun zombie Easter scrap kit called Hoppity Brainz designed by Toxic Desirez. Kit is available at her store

Skullified Scrapz

Mask made by me ambcreations and available on my blog here.

Let's get started.

New image 700 by 650 and open element frame 3 edit copy and paste as a new layer on your new image.

Select inside the middle with your magic wand and choose paper 6 and paste it into your selections. Selections none. Move it under your frame.

Cuppycake element move to the lower right hand side of your frame.

Open paper 5 and arrange it behind your frame. Go to layers new mask from image and merge together your mask and paper.

Bones element lower right hand side and next to the cuppy cake.

Bunny 1 image mirror lower left hand side and place next to the bones.

Chick image mirror lower right hand side and in front of the cuppy cake.

Eggs 3 and 1 arrange them lower part of your frame and behind your elements. See tag above.

Goodie basket place it in front and next to the bunny.

Splatter upper left hand side and behind your frame and mask. Duplicate image flip and then image mirror.

Sign lower right hand side image rotate it 25.00 to the right behind the cuppycake.

Ribs place them left top side of your frame.

Last use the logo and arrange it top part of your frame.

Layers merge visible.

Add your name and any copy right information.


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