Tuesday, February 16, 2016
Total Anarchy

An awesome exclusive scrap kit called Total Anarchy. It's designed by Toxic Desirez. Made to match Celine Pinup tube Razor Candi. 

Kit and tube can be bought at 
Hania Designs

Template downloaded from Toxic's blog

Open template and delete the credits layer. Go threw all of your other layer's and add your papers.

Place your tube in the middle.

Use the lights and arrange them around the middle circle around your tube.

Open the flames and arrange them in front of your tube and template.

Road element lower left and just behind your tube.

Arrange the motorcycle on the lower left side next to the road.

Place the jacket lower left side and move it just behind your motorcycle. Image rotate it 25.00 to the left.

Puppy place him in front and next to your tube move towards the right just a little.

Use the gun image mirror lower right hand side and place just behind your tube. Add the bullet hole move it way down lower right hand side. 

Gernade lower right side move it just behind the puppy. Image rotate it 25.00 to the right.

Logo sign lower right hand side.

Last use the splatter. Upper left hand side move it just behind your tube. Duplicate image mirror.

Layers merge visible.

Add your name and copy right information.


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