Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Emo Princess

This awesome colorful scrap kit is designed by Alexis Graphic Palace it's called Emo Princess. You can get it

Tube used by Arthur Crow. You can get it

Now open a new image 700 by 700 transparent. And open frame 3. Re size it edit copy paste as a new layer on your transparent image. Select inside the 3 squares and choose a paper of choice. Invert and delete. Move under frame.

Take your tube of choice and place in front of the frame. 

Use elements 52 and 10 re size them and place behind the frame. Arrange to your liking. 

Elements 61 and 56 place one at the end of each frame. Look at my tag for reference.

Element 30 re size and place in the upper right hand corner. 

Element 20 re size and place on the left side of the tube and move it around to how you'd want it. 

Musical notes 63 and 64 re size them and place on left hand side of the frame. 

Elements 67, 13 and 62 re size those and place in front on right and arrange to liking. 

Add your name and copy right information. 


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