Monday, June 3, 2013
Cocoa And Cupcakes

This scrap kit is to adorable! It's designed by Alexis's Graphic Palace. You can get the kit 

Tube used by artist pinuptoons. You can get it

New transparent image 650 by 650. Open frame 5 re size edit copy and then paste as a new layer on your transparent image. Select inside the middle of the frame and selection modify and expand by 6 choose a paper of choice invert and delete move under frame.

Take your tube of choice and place in the middle of the frame.

Add element 48 place behind frame and move to the right then duplicate and move the other to the left. Arrange to liking.

Element 05 re size and place on the right hand side of the frame in the first window move it around to were you like it. Add element 38 re sized and place on the sign. give it a rotate of 25.00 to the left.

Use element 02 and element 03 re sized and place on the right hand side of your frame next to your tube.

Open element 20 re sized and place on the left next to the tube. Move it around to were you want it at. Now open elements 4, 9 and 6 re size them and place around element 20. 

Last open element 20 re size and place it behind your tube on the frame. Give it image rotate 25.00 to the left.

Add your name and copy right information. 


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