Friday, May 17, 2013
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Summer Lovin

This tag is made with Designs by Stina Summer Lovin. You can get it here.

Tube used by the talented Keith Garvey.

Open frame 5 and resize it to liking. Use your magic wand and select inside the middle of the frame. Choose a paper of choice. 
Place your tube in the middle.

Elements used teddy bear, lips 02, flower 11. Take the element DBS flowers resize and place around the frame to your liking. Place DBS flower resize place on the right side then duplicate image mirror and arrange on the left. 
Use Shake 02 resize it. Place teddy bear, lips 02 and milk shake 02 arrange on the right side.

Take bow 5 and place on the left hand side. Last use use butterfly 01 and place on the left hand side. 

Place element DBS butterflies behind the frame arrange to liking duplicate image mirror and image flip.

Use word art of choice and add your copy right information. 



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