Sunday, May 19, 2013
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Scrap kit used A Berry Bright Spring FTU designed by Scrappin Krazy. You can download it here.

I used the beautiful artwork of Xeracx. You can get this tube here. 

Open element 22 and re size it. Use your magic wand and select inside the middle. Paper of choice invert and hit delete. Now add your tube of choice i used one that had a close up tube. Duplicate it on the bottom tube layer adjust gaussian blur 3.00 top tube layer change to overlay. 

Element 7 re size it and place on the right hand side of the tube. 

Element 15 and 14 re sized and place around the tube. 

Element 8 re size and place in the middle of elements 15 and 14 duplicate element 8 and place them together. Arrange to liking. 

Element 05 place behind element 22 duplicate image flip. Duplicate again image mirror and then again one more time duplicate image flip.

Element 48 re size image flip and place on the left hand side of the tube. Give it a drop shadow of choice. Duplicate image flip.

Element 49 re size and place on element 48 spaced apart. 

Elements 36 and 37 re size them and place on the left hand side of the tube arrange to liking. 

Open element 23 re size and place between elements 36 and 37.

Last open element 02 and place on the left hand side re size and image rotate 25.00 to the left.

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