Wednesday, May 22, 2013
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Grid On

Scrap kit used Grid On designed by Scrappin Krazy Designs. You can get the kit here.

Tube used by artist Xeracx. You can get it here.

I love doing tag's this way. It's different from the other way. 

Choose a paper of choice. I choose paper 14. Image re size it to 500. Now take your tube of choice and place on the left hand side give your tube a drop shadow of choice. 

Elements open 03 and re size it. Place in the middle. 

Element 08 re size and place at the top right in the middle of element 03.

Element 09 re size and place on the right hand side and place element 02 in side the goal post. Re size element 02 to your liking. 

Open elements 12, 14 and 1 re size them and place on the bottom give the Go team element image 25.00 rotate to the right. 

Element 04 re size and place one at the bottom by the goal post and duplicate it then image mirror then image flip and place the other one behind your tube.

Now add your name in the middle of the score board and add your copy right information. 


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