Saturday, May 18, 2013
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Dark Nightmare

Scrap kit used Dark Nightmare designed by Toxic Desires. You can get the kit here.

Tube used by artist Martin Able. You can get the tube here. 

Take and open frame 3. Re size use your magic wand and select inside the middle choose paper of choice invert and delete. Move under frame. 
Take your tube of choice and place it under the frame. Duplicate and bring to top. Erase the bits that are hanging over. 

Open elements tower, moon and charm for the left hand side. Place them were you want to. For the other open the elements Dark nightmare star 1 and star 2, candy 1, skull 2, cupcake and kitty. Move them around to however you like on the right side. 

Use the word art and add a gradient glow of white. Place behind the tube. Last open Dark nightmare moon and stars re size and place behind the frame left hand side duplicate image mirror and merge them together. Add a drop shadow of your choice. 


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