Friday, May 24, 2013
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Black and White

This Black and White scrap kit is designed by Delicate Pearl. It's really a beautiful kit and has two beautiful poser's that come with it. You can get it here.

Open a new image of 650 by 650 transparent. I used WSL's mask 358. Use frame 14 and re size it edit copy and then paste as a new layer on your transparent image. Magic wand select inside the middle i chose paper 9 paste as a new layer invert and delete it. Move under frame. Then choose another paper i choose paper 02 layer's new mask from image and merge group once that's done.

Element 12 re size it and place in the middle of the frame. Element 16 re size pretyt small and then put it on the corset. I gave the corset a gradient glow of white. 

Element 04 re size nad place on the upper right hand of the frame. Move it around until you find where you like it at.

Element 23 re size and place in front of the chair. Take your tube of choice i used one from the kit and placed her in front. I also gave her small drop shadow. You can give one of your choice.
Now open element 26 re size and place under the poser. I used my deform key and stretched it make it look like she was laying propped up on it.

Element 17 re size and place in the middle of the pillow. 

Element 30 re size and place on the left hand side of the frame. 

Elements 32 and 22 re size those and place on top of the pillow next to the chair. Arrange to liking. 

Element 33 re size and place on the right hand side. 

Last element open 29 re size it and place in the corner on the frame. Duplicate image mirror then image flip and arrange on the other side. I placed the one on the left hand side under the frame.

Now add your add your name and copy right information.


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